A European and Global Revolution

We are talking about a widespread conspiracy, the aim of which is to destroy independent nations. European and a Global revolution is a fact. The world's great financial, political and religious powers are today joining forces. The laws and statutes of independent nations are being overruled by international law.
Why does the elite want more power and control, why the urge for a centralised and international way of governing the world? How great is the influence coming from secret power groups when international decisions are made? HOW do all these forces cooperate? WHO are these people behind the scenes? Which role do the Vatican, the Pope and the Catholic Church play in this game to gain world dominion? Which role do the US, the UN and the international forces play in the Middle-East conflict? Is there a connection between the peace negotiations and the role of Israel in the end-time, and will they ever gain control over the Temple Mount? Are we really heading towards a period of global peace, springing from the Middle-East?

You can read more about these and other subjects in the following documents - Cheque version :

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