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We need to preach and print more pamphlets with the endtime message - a message of grace and warning. If you want to support the work in Christian Information Service (CIS), you may use the information below:

The name and address of CIS:

Kristen Informasjonstjeneste (Christian Information Service)

Bente Struksnaes

Vestrumsbygda 26

2879 Odnes, NORWAY

The name and the address of the bank:

Kalvebod Brygge 1-3
1780 KÝbenhavn V.


                                   IBAN-number: DK8781170004676453 (use this if you live outside Denmark)

                                                                              Account-number: 8117 ( + 4676453 (use this if you live in Denmark)


                                                                               Thank you very much - may God richly bless you!

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This page belongs to Abel Struksnes. For more information contact Christian Information Service, Bente & Abel Struksnes, Vestrumsbygda 26, 2879 Odnes, Norway or send me an e-mail to